Freelancing is working without a definite employer. A freelancer is an independent contractor; he does not commit to a single employer for the long term. He/she is self-employed and can work for several clients and companies and clients. Employment, on the other hand, is being engaged by an employer on the basis of a contract or even permanent basis. This article looks to measure the two against each other.


A freelancer works independently and has the authority to work for different clients as long as he/she does not violate the terms of their agreement. Freelancing gigs include web development, writing, graphic design, marketing among others. Freelancing has its pros and cons.


  • You are the boss – Being a boss means you have the authority to choose where and when to work. You can work at any time of the day depending on your availability and comfort.
  • Potential to make more money -Once you are a freelancer, you don’t have a specific amount to get at the end of a deal and hence at times you can make more money than if you are employed.
  • Work-life balance -Freelancers have the freedom to balance between work and their private life.


  • No job security- Being a freelancer exposes you to the risk of being unemployed since the terms of your working agreement are not permanent.
  • Risk of not getting paid. Clients who give freelancers jobs may decline to pay them even after a hard toil/


Employment is where one party is given a job and mostly it’s on a permanent basis.

Advantages of employment

  • Salary- Employees are guaranteed to get a salary at the end of the agreed time, usually every month.
  • Benefits- Employees get retirement benefits and gratuities at the end of contracts. Employees also get health insurance at cheaper rates.


  • Fixed amount of money at the end of the period. The amount only changes if a person gets promoted.
  • Employees are under strict rules and regulations and they have to follow them. Failure to do so may lead to sacking.
  • Employment is prone to huge taxes.

Different working models suit different people. There are those that will hack it in freelancing while there are those who fit best in employment.