Career choice is undoubtedly one of the most critical decisions which a person is required to make in life. When making a career choice, you should have an end in mind. You should know what you enjoy doing most and what sectors you would like to work in. Careers are a personal preference, but some fields are generally gratifying.


This is an industry which involves passing academic information to people. The industry has grown over the years, due to the increasing population and therefore, more enrolment in schools. The more learners increase, the more teachers are required in their sector. Some of the professionals in the industry are teachers, tutors, counselors, administrators and support staff. The requirements to get these jobs are a relevant diploma, bachelors’ or even a masters’ degree. This industry is good to work in since there are always vacancies and also it has good salaries. Teaching is also very gratifying.

Arts and Entertainment

Working in this industry needs one to be very creative to maintain their relevance to his or her fans. Jobs in this sector include musicians, painters, music producers, actors and writers, among others. This industry has created employment opportunities for many people. If you have a talent and passion, you are good to work in this sector. Good intellectual work is going to attract many fans and hence will translate into a good paycheck.

Information Technology

Most activities which take place in these modern times revolve around technology. It is next to impossible for any organization to run efficiently without relying on technology. Due to the increased need for technology advancements, IT jobs have increased. Most IT experts get employed as a result. Jobs that are available in this sector are web hosting, data processing, internet publishing, and broadcasting. The industry is good to work in since it’s unlikely you’ll lack a job, and one is likely to enjoy their daily activities.

Auditing and Tax Consulting

Jobs in this industry include auditors, tax consultants and also accountants. They are involved in examining and preparing financial records which help ensure that taxes are paid in good time. Taxes are dues paid by everyone who earns a salary and hence there is a need to keep records of the same. This need results in increased employment in this sector. These jobs also attract a good salary making it an excellent industry to work in.